Sunday, June 10, 2018

Week 38 ~ June 11 - June 15, 2018

2 days to go with reading and logging in steps.  Monday and Tuesday~ we’re almost done!!!  We have our End-of-the-Year program and picnic on Tuesday.  The program will be in our room (103) and begin at 11:00.  We will picnic around 11:45ish.  Bring a beach towel, towel, small blanket to sit on if you’d like.  If the weather is rainy, we will “picnic” in our room.  And field day is coming up this Wednesday!  Bring your backpack each day as we will begin taking some of our things from this year home this week. 

Homework for the summer:
·      Have a fun-filled summer
·      Play every day
·      Write about all your summer adventures in your journal that you bring home this week
·      Read, read, read so you don’t get rusty and are ready for 1st grade in the fall!!!!
·      Read, read, read and meet that 100 step challenge!

This week we will:
  • learn about the season of summer
  • practice for our program
  • read lots of books
  • listen to stories read aloud
  • have fun with our friends 

Homework for the week:
·      read and log in 2 steps on Monday and Tuesday night
·      bring back any library books or books that belong to Mrs. Smith
·      bring your book bag every day

Important dates to remember:
  • June 11 – 15 – ABC Countdown (V through Z!)
  • June 12 – Kindergarten program in room 103 @ 11:00 / picnic @ 11:45
  • June 13 – Field Day
  • June 14 and 15 – Early dismissal @ 12:50

Resource schedule for the week:
·       Monday – STEM
·       Tuesday – Coding
·       Wednesday – field day, no resource
·       Thursday – no resource
·       Friday – last day of school, no resource

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Week 37 ~ June 4 - June 8, 2018

This week we will begin practicing for our End of the Year Kindergarten program.  The program will be held on Tuesday, June 12 @ 11:00 in Room 103.  All are invited to attend!  Be sure to indicate whether or not your child will need a lunch on this day and also for field day.  Please return this so I can get the information to our cafeteria.  If your child has a CAES library book or one of our classroom library books, please return it as soon as possible.  Thanks so much!

This week we will:
·      Finish up our fun with pirates
·      Read lots and lots of stories
·      Answer questions and make predictions about the stories we read aloud
·      Continue learning about maps
·      Think about Power Words and what words look like PWs (ex.  could looks like should and would, and day looks like play, say, hay, Ray, tray, gray, may, bay, clay)
·      Write a few sentences about a given topic
·      Add by counting on, using a number line or counters
·      Subtract by counting back, using a number line or counters
·      Learn about summer

Homework for the week:
·      Ask your child about characters in stories – what does a character look like if he/she is shocked, scared, mad, sad, happy?  When we laugh at stories or feel shocked, scared, happy, sad, mad – what kind of stories are these? (fiction)
·      Keep reading for 30 minutes and logging in 2 steps every night
·      Review all Power Words that were sent home this year ~ can you still read them at flash speed?

Important dates to remember:
·      Ongoing – ABC Countdown (P/Q – U this week!)
·      June 5 – Tacky Tourist Tuesday
·      June 8 – Fancy Shmancy Friday
·      June 12 – End of the Year program in Room 103 @ 11:00
·      June 13 – Field Day
·      June 14 and June 15 – Early dismissal (3 hrs. early)

Resource schedule:
·       Monday – Coding
·       Tuesday - Art
·       Wednesday –  Library /closed for the year for inventory
·       Thursday – Music
·       Friday – P.E.
·       Monday, June 11 – STEM

Friday, June 1, 2018

End of the Year Celebration! - This was meant to go home Thursday!

                                                        May 31, 2018
Dear Parents,
       Please join us on Tuesday, June 12 as we celebrate our year in kindergarten.  The celebration will be held in our room (Room 103).  It will include the children reading, speaking and/or singing and a slideshow of pictures that were taken throughout the year.  Kindergarten certificates will also be awarded.  Immediately following the program, we will head outside for a picnic lunch.  All are invited to attend one or both events!

Schedule of events:
·     11:00 – 11:45   Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten program
·     11:45 – 12:30   Picnic lunch outside

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 36 ~ May 29 - June 1, 2018

Make sure you continue to read to and with your child for 30 minutes each night.  STEPS are still being counted and recorded.  It’s also time to turn in all Library books as Ms. Mitra is beginning her final inventory for the year.

This week we will:
·      Have fun reading some fiction stories about pirates
·      Identify characters and settings in the stories we read aloud
·      Make predictions about story events as we read
·      Discuss events that happen in the stories we read aloud
·      Review some of the more challenging Power Words and Tricky Words
·      Identify other words that “look like” some of our PWs (ex. rake, cake, take, shake and bake all “look like” the PW make)
·      Write a few sentences about a given topic
·      Continue adding and subtracting
·      Review skip counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100
·      Learn about maps

Homework for the week:
·      Ask your child what is his/her favorite way to add and subtract?
·      Keep reading for 30 minutes every day and log in 2 steps in your reading log – Don’t forget to return your books each day!
·      Practice Power Words

Important dates to remember:
·      Ongoing – ABC Countdown (M – P this week!)
·      June 1 – Fancy Friday (Dress up day!)
·      June 5 – Tacky Tuesday
·      June 12 – End of the Year program in Room 103 (Check your child’s red folder later this week for more information on this event!)
·      June 13 – Field Day
·      June 14 and June 15 – Early dismissal

Resource schedule:  ***modified schedule again this week due to SOL testing
·      Tuesday – P.E. 
·      Wednesday – No resource (SOL testing)
·      Thursday – STEM 
·      Friday – Coding
·      Monday, June 4 - Art

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 35 ~ May 21 - May 25, 2018

This week we will celebrate Muffins with Mom on Friday, May 25.  An invitation went home in the red folder last week.  Please return the bottom portion if you plan to attend so that the PTA can prepare for this event. 

3rd Graders will begin taking SOL tests this week.  For us, that means our resource schedule will be modified on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and next week.  And finally, our ABC countdown continues with the letters H – L this week. 

This week we will:
·      Read, read, read and read.
·      Write, write, write and write.
·      Review Power Words and Tricky Words
·      Look for blends and digraphs in our reading and writing
·      Identify characters, settings and events that happen in stories we read aloud
·      Continue our study of plants
·      Learn about our country – the flag, the President, voting, and Memorial Day
·      Use different strategies to add and subtract (counting on / back, counters, pictures, number line)

Homework for the Week:
·      Ask your child – (This is a fun one!) – What is a Wobbly Man, a Milkshake and Pop See Ko? :)
·      Read for 30 minutes every night and log in 2 books in your reading log
·      Practice Power Words

Upcoming dates:
·      ABC Countdown – ongoing – Letters H through L this week!
·      May 25 – Muffins with Mom @ 7:45 – 8:35  in the cafeteria and Flag-Waving Friday – where red, white and blue or any patriotic clothing
·      May 28 – Memorial Day Holiday – School closed

Resource schedule for the week:
·      Monday – Coding
·      Tuesday – Art
·      Wednesday – TBD due to SOL testing…
·      Thursday – TBD
·      Friday – TBD
·      Tuesday, May 30 - TBD