Sunday, October 15, 2017

Week 7 ~ Oct. 16 - Oct. 20, 2017

PALS testing begins this week and will continue through the end of next week.  PALS is a phonological awareness literacy screening that is given 2 times per year.  This screening is given to all kindergarteners once in the fall and again in the spring.  I will administer it in our classroom throughout the next 2 weeks.  Although Parent Teacher Conferences are on the schedule for this week, the Kindergarten Team will be waiting until the conclusion of PALS testing to hold conferences.  I will contact you at the conclusion of testing and we can then set up a time to discuss your child’s PALS results and progress thus far at school.

Please, please, please make sure you are reading and logging in 2 steps (30 minutes of reading) each night at home.  Also, is your child practicing Power Words each night for homework?  We have learned 12 new words so far.  Can your child recognize and read these words at Flash Speed? 
This week we will:
  • learn about the letters  Yy, Zz and Vv (their sounds and proper letter formation)
  • name words that begin with /y/ /z/ and /v/
  • “stretch out” and spell lots of words
  • review reading “old” Power Words
  • continue to write and spell in our journals using sounds that we hear
  • identify characters, settings and events that happen in stories we read aloud
  • recognize and extend different patterns (AB, AAB, AABB, AAAB, ABC)
  • identify numerals
  • find patterns in numbers
  • count by 10s and 1s

Homework for the week:
  • cut apart your new Power Words~ practice reading them every day ~ keep them in your Ziploc bag so you don’t lose them!
  • Read for 10 minutes 3 times, or read for 15 minutes 2 times, or read for 30 minutes one time each night.  Log in your 2 books (2 steps) from home.

Important dates to remember:
  • October – Box Top collection all month!!!
  • October 18 – No School for students (Professional Development Day for Teachers)
  • October 30 – Book Fair begins
  • October 31 – Book Character Day (more info coming soon!)

Resource schedule for the week: (1:15 – 2:05 each day)
·       Monday – Library 
·       Tuesday – Music
·       Wednesday – no school
·       Thursday – P.E.
·       Friday – STEM
·       Monday – Coding (Monday, 10/23)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 6 ~ Oct. 9 - Oct. 13, 2017

                Great job last week with Homework for the Week!  Most of the boys and girls read for 30 minutes, logged in 2 Reading Steps at home, parents initialed in the “Home” sections and the boys and girls returned their books in the bag each day!  Homework for the Week will continue in this way for the remainder of the Kindergarten year.  In order to avoid getting behind on Reading Steps, it is very important that reading homework is completed each day.  Thanks for helping your child settle in to this routine.

                      Also, the Kindergarten Team will not be holding Parent Teacher conferences on October 18 as we are still busy collecting data and learning all about your child.  I will send a conference schedule home with your child at the beginning of November!  Thanks for your patience!  

This week we will:
·      learn about the letters Jj, Kk, Ll, Ww (their sounds, proper letter formation)
·      name, read and spell words that begin with /j/ /k/ /l/ /w/
·      learn more about identifying characters, settings and events in read alouds
·      use letters and sounds to write words and sentences
·      count words in sentences
·      review and read ‘old’ Power Words at flash speed
·      learn new Power Words (this, I, at)
·      recognize, create and extend patterns
·      continue learning about the season of Fall

Homework for the Week:
·      read for 30 minutes each night – Log in 2 books on your Reading Log each night to earn 2 Steps.
·      Cut apart and practice your new Power Words each night.
·      Practice reading (recognizing) your ‘old’ Power Words at flash speed.

Important Dates to Remember:
·       Oct. 9 – Pajama Day for students in Room 103
·       Oct. 10 – PTA meeting @ 6:30 and Back to School Night 6:45 – 8:00
·       Oct. 12 – District-wide Pink Out day (wear pink!)
·       Oct. 18 – No school for students
·       Oct. 31 – Book Character Day (more info coming soon!)

Resource schedule for the week:                     
    Monday – Music
    Tuesday –  P.E.                                                      
    Wednesday – STEM                                               
    Thursday – Coding 
    Friday – Art
    Monday (10/16) - Library  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017 - 18 APEX Champions!!!


Week 5 ~ Oct. 2 - Oct. 6, 2017

Wow!  Way to go boys and girls in Room 103!  We are the APEX champions!  We all had fun at the Run on Friday and the boys and girls really enjoyed the visits and lessons each day with Mighty Max.  A big THANK YOU parents for the support at home with helping us get so many pledges.  The APEX team left a few more prizes Friday afternoon to give out.  Those will come home on Monday.  As a result of all this hard work, Hat Day will be Monday.  I’ll let the boys and girls decide which day they want to trade seats at school and our last prize earned will be Pajama Day.  We’ll do that on Friday.  I will send a reminder note on Thursday.  Thanks again for all your support!

Super IMPORTANT information ahead! àWe will begin bringing home our “Reading Logs” and 2 books each day for Homework.  We’ve been practicing reading and logging in at school so your Kindergartener is ready to start doing this at home!  HOMEWORK from here on will be to read for 30 minutes each evening.  Log in 2 books that you read to earn 2 Steps.  (Every 15 minutes of reading equals 1 Step.) 

This week we will:
  • learn about the letters Cc, Hh, Dd and Ff
  • name, read and spell words that begin with /c/ /h/ /d/ and /f/ 
  • read the Power Words love, my, is
  • recognize and generate rhyming words
  • count words in sentences
  • use letters to write words
  • identify characters and settings in stories we read aloud
  • tell what authors and illustrators do
  • retell stories we read aloud
  • recognize, create and extend patterns
  • continue learning about the season of fall

Homework for the week:
  • read for 30 minutes (you can split the time if you choose to) exs. Two 15 minute reading sessions or three 10 minute sessions or one 20 minute session and one 10 minute session or one 30 minute session – up to you!   Then log in 2 books that you read on your log.  Parents – initial under “Home Coach”
  • Cut apart and practice reading the Power Words love, my, is
  • Review Power Words can, see, the – can you read them at Flash Speed?

Important dates to remember: 
  • Oct. 4 – Picture Day for Kindergarten
  • Oct. 5 – Field Trip to Darden Farm – don’t forget to send the permission form back!
  • Oct. 6 – Pajama Day and Early Dismissal @ 1:00
  • Oct. 10 – PTA / Back to School night from 6:30 – 8:00

Resource schedule for the week:
·       Monday – STEM
·       Tuesday – Coding
·       Wednesday - Art
·       Thursday – Library
·       Friday – No resource (Early Dismissal)
·       Monday (10/9) - Music