Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 38 ~ June 12 - June 16, 2017

 We have our End of the Year program and picnic on Tuesday.  And field day is coming up this Wednesday! The program will be in our room (103) and begin at 11:00.  We will picnic around 12.  Bring a beach towel to sit on if you’d like.  If the weather is rainy, we will “picnic” in our room.  Bring your backpack each day as we will begin taking some of our things from this year home this week. 

***Have a fun-filled summer!  Write about all your summer adventures and read, read, read so you don’t get rusty and are ready for 1st grade in the fall!!!!

This week we will:
  • learn about the season of summer
  • practice for our program
  • read lots of books
  • listen to stories read aloud
  • add and subtract
  • have fun with our friends 

Homework for the week:
·      play with JiJi
·      read and log in 2 steps on Monday and Tuesday night
·      bring back any library books or books that belong to Mrs. Smith
·      bring your book bag every day

Important dates to remember:
  • June 13 – Kindergarten program in room 103 @ !1:00 / picnic @ 12:00
  • June 14 – Field Day
  • June 15 and 16 – Early dismissal @ 2:20

Resource schedule for the week:
·      Monday – P.E.
·      Tuesday – STEM
·      Wednesday – field day, no resource
·      Thursday – Coding
·      Friday – last day of school, no resource

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 36 ~ May 30 - June 2, 2017

Friday is the day of our field trip to the Virginia Living Museum.  Remember, your child needs to bring a lunch from home on this day – unless you signed up for a bag lunch from school.  

As the school year nears the end, please continue to read for 30 minutes each night.  STEPS are still being counted and recorded.  As of Monday morning, your child should have 582 steps.  

This week we will:
·      Practice identifying short vowel vs. long vowel patterns (exs.  –ack/–ake, -im/-ime,
-op/-ope, -ep/-eep, -ut-ute)
·      Read words with short vs. long vowel patterns (exs. tack/take, dim/dime, hop/hope, step/steep, cut/cute)
·      Review some of the more challenging Power Words and Tricky Words
·      create a diorama of the canopy of a rainforest
·      Write a few sentences about a given topic
·      Add and subtract
·      Learn about and explore using magnets

Homework for the week:
·      Keep reading for 30 minutes every day and log in 2 steps on your reading log.
·      Play with JiJi (ST Math) ~ Have you made it to the “Challenge” level yet?

Important dates to remember:
·      Ongoing – ABC Countdown (M – P this week!)
·      June 2 – Field Trip to the VA Living Museum
·      June 13 – End of the Year program in Room 103 (Check your child’s red folder later this week for more information on this event!)
·      June 14 – Field Day
·      June 15 and June 16 – Early dismissal @ 2:20

Resource schedule:
·      Tuesday – Music
·      Wednesday – No resource (SOL testing)
·      Thursday – No resource (SOL testing)
·      Friday – No resource (Field trip)
·      Monday, June 5 - STEM

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week 35 ~ May 22 - May 26, 2017

     As we count down the days until summer vacation and the last day of kindergarten, the children are becoming more and more excited!  Please continue to encourage “bucket filling” behaviors – being kind to classmates, listening and following directions, being respectful to others – self-control.  The upcoming weeks will be filled with exciting events - a field trip, field day, visiting a first grade classroom and a year-end celebration.  It’s important that everyone remembers how to be a “bucket filler”.  Thanks for your help!!!
     Also, don’t forget to keep reading and logging in 2 steps each night.  Make sure your child returns the 2 books that he/she takes home so that he/she can choose 2 new books to read to you.  As of Monday morning, your child should have 562 steps to be on target.

***Reminder:  Flip-flops are not allowed due to safety concerns.

This week we will:
  • review short vowel sounds: /a/ apple, /e/ egg, /i/ igloo, /o/ octopus, /u/ umbrella
  • read and spell words with short vowel sounds
  • review some of the more “tricky” Power Words learned this year
  • write 2 or more sentences about a given topic
  • use periods and capital letters correctly
  • read lots of FICTION stories
  • summarize stories that we listen to
  • ask and answer questions about stories that we read aloud
  • continue to learn different subtraction strategies – counters, pictures, counting on, number lines

Homework for the week:
  • read for 30 minutes every day and log in 2 steps
  • Practice Power Words
  • Play with JiJi (ST Math)

Important dates:  
  • ABC Countdown ~ ongoing  (Letters H – L this week!)
  • May 29 – Memorial Day Holiday ~ No school
  • June 2 – Field Trip to the VA Living Museum
  • June 14 – Field Day

Resources schedule for the week:
·       Monday – P.E.
·       Tuesday –  STEM
·       Wednesday – no resource
·       Thursday – no resource
·       Friday – Coding
·       Tuesday, May 30 - Art

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 32 ~ May 1 - May 5, 2017

7 weeks to go.  Time will pass quickly as we finish up our Kindergarten year!  Let's keep reading for 30 minutes every day at home just like we do at school each day and log in those steps!  As of Tuesday morning, your child should have 506 reading steps logged in to be on target.  We are working hard at getting ready for first grade!  Also, Field Trip money / permission slips are now due.  Please send those items in if you have not done so yet.  Thank you!!!!

***Don’t forget that our room sometimes gets chilly during the day.  Sending in a light jacket or sweater may be helpful for your child. 

This week we will:
  • Learn all about bees and ants – their life cycles and how they live together and survive
  • summarize fiction stories we read aloud – tell what happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end
  • use –l blends are –r blends when reading and writing (exs. bl, cl, fl, gl, pr, dr, fr, cr - black, clap, flop, glass, pretty, drive, frog, crash)
  • use digraphs when reading and writing (sh, th, wh, ch – ship, thumb, white, cheese)
  • write about bees and ants in our journals
  • do ‘4 Star Writing’ in our journal – ask your child about this one J
  • use a number line to add
  • show different ways to make 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Homework for the week:
·      practice any new Power Words or Blue “Tricky Words”
·      read for 30 minutes every night and log in 2 of your favorite books
·      play with JiJi – ST Math

Important dates to remember:
·      May 3 – PTA  meeting @ 6:45 and 1st Grade Chorus performance @ 7:00
·      May 10 – Early dismissal @ 1:00
·      May 12 – ABC Countdown begins (More info on this coming in the red folder soon!)
·      May 29 – Memorial Day Holiday – no school

Resource schedule for the week:
·      Monday – Library
·      Tuesday – Music
·      Wednesday – P.E.
·      Thursday – STEM
·      Friday – Coding
·      Monday, May 8 - Art