Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 3 ~ Sept. 18 - Sept. 22, 2017

The children in Room 103 are settling in and are getting use to classroom routines.  They are learning each other’s names and making new friends.  They are learning how to work independently at their seats and are also learning the importance of our classroom expectations and being safe at school.  

3 things to do:
·       Please send a small snack with your child each day.  We do take a break in the morning and spend a few minutes refueling with a snack! 
·       It’s a good idea to pack a spare set of clothes to be kept in your child’s backpack. 
·       If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE go to the Parent Portal and sign all forms.

Here are some things to ask / remind your child about:
  • Are you listening or talking when the teacher or others are having a turn?
  • Are you paying attention?  Watching and learning?
  • Did you finish your work on time?
This week we will:
  • practice recognizing, matching upper and lowercase, learning the sounds and writing these letters: Mm, Bb, Ss and Rr
  • understand that sounds in our language are represented by letters
  • identify the front cover, the title, the back and the title page of a book
  • discuss what an author and an illustrator do
  • recognize rhyming words
  • learn about the season of fall
  • continue sorting objects and identifying ways they were sorted

Homework for the week:  (Remember - do these activities at your own pace! You do not have to turn anything in!)
  • practice writing your first name – uppercase letter at the beginning, all others are lowercase!
  • practice recognizing words that rhyme – (exs.  hat, bat or hat, rug?  Book, nail or book, cook?)
  • read with your family for 30 minutes each day

Important dates to remember:
·       Sept. 18 – APEX Fun Run pep rally @ 2:30 (This is the kickoff of a huge Fundraiser for our school!)
·       Sept. 29 – Kindergarten Fun Run event @ 11:15am

Our resource schedule this week: (1:15 – 2:05)
·       Monday – Library
·       Tuesday – Music
·       Wednesday – P.E.
·       Thursday – STEM
·       Friday – Coding
·       Monday 9/25 - Art

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