Monday, September 25, 2017

Week 4 ~ Sept. 25 - Sept. 29, 2017

Fall has arrived!  The 4th week of kindergarten has arrived, as well!  We are SUPER excited about the APEX Fun Run!  Mighty Max with APEX has been teaching us about what it means to be unique, “no excuses” and how to inspire others. We are currently in 2nd place with total pledges per lap for the APEX Fun Run.  We earned a dance party with Mighty Max on Friday and will get extra recess on Monday because of our total class participation!  Make sure you log in for your child’s free APEX t-shirt and to help our classroom.  I hope to get a new rug for our classroom with the money we raise.  One last thing…has your child been telling you about building his or her reading muscles?  Ask your child to tell you about it!  Stay tuned…more to come next week!

This week we will:
  • practice recognizing and matching upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet
  • learn about the letters Tt, Gg, Nn and Pp – their sounds, proper formation and name, spell and read words that begin with these sounds
  • practice writing in our journals labeling or writing a sentence
  • tell what an author and illustrator do
  • match what we say with printed words
  • listen to stories read aloud and answer questions
  • identify story characters, settings and events in stories read aloud
  • continue learning different ways to sort objects and identify the way objects were sorted
  • continue learning about the season of fall

Homework for the week:
  • practice writing your name – uppercase at the beginning, all other letters lowercase (if needed)
  • practice reading for 30 minutes with a grown up (build your reading muscles!)
  • tell what an author and illustrator do
  • cut apart and study the “Power Words”  the, see, can (Practice recognizing/reading these words every day!)
  • count to 15 (at least)

Important dates to remember:
  • Sept. 29 – APEX Fun Run (11:15 for Kindergarten)
  • Oct. 4 – Picture Day for K
  • Oct. 10 – Back to School Night @ 6:30

Resource Schedule for the week:  (1:15 – 2:05)
·       Monday – Art
·       Tuesday – Library
·       Wednesday – Music
·       Thursday – P.E.
·       Friday – STEM
·       Monday (10/2) - Coding

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