Sunday, October 22, 2017

Week 8 ~ Oct. 23 - Oct. 27, 2017

PALS testing continues through this week.  I will begin scheduling conferences with everyone at the conclusion of testing.  The kids are doing great with our 30 minutes of independent reading time at school!  Most are engaged and are showing good growth with reading skills.  Remember, your child (or you) needs to log in at least 2 Steps each night at home (30 minutes of home reading).  Don’t forget, if your child misses a night of reading, that’s 2 Home Steps missed or is absent from school, 2 School Steps are missed.  These missed Steps must be made up at home or at school.  So…YES!  It is okay to read for more than 30 minutes and log in more than 2 books a night.  Every Step counts!!!!

 This week we will:  
  • Learn about the sounds of ch, sh, and th
  • Name and spell words that begin with ch, sh, and th
  • Use letters and sounds to write ideas / a sentence in our journals
  • Identify and read at FLASH SPEED our Power Words
  • Identify the front cover, back cover and title pages in read alouds
  • Identify characters and events in stories we read aloud
  • Learn what it means to be a Zoologist and learn about living and nonliving organisms
  • Count by 1s and 10s
  • Identify numerals
  • Learn about numbers and number patterns

Homework for the week:
·       Cut apart and practice your new Power Words – learn to read them at FLASH SPEED (identify and say it automatically)
·       Practice your old Power Words in your zip lock bag (Can you read them at FLASH SPEED?)
·       Read for 30 minutes every night.  Log in at least 2 books!

Upcoming dates:
  • October is Box Top collection month!
  • October 30 – Book Fair begins
  • October 31 – Book Character Day 
  • November 2 – Picture Makeup Day
  • November 10 – Veterans Day – no school

Resource schedule: (1:15 – 2:05 each day)
·       Monday – Coding
·       Tuesday – Art
·       Wednesday – Library
·       Thursday – Music
·       Friday – P.E.
·       Monday (10/30) – STEM

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