Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week 10 ~ Nov. 6 - Nov. 9, 2017

Can you believe the first 9 weeks of kindergarten is behind us?  Don’t forget to check your child’s agenda for your scheduled conference time if you are scheduled for this week!  Thanks for saving and sending in the BoxTops!  Our class turned in the most this time and we won the door decorating contest for Kindergarten!  Yay for us!!!  We may have a BoxTop competition in the spring.  So...keep saving and sending them in!  Reminder:  no school on Friday in observance of Veterans Day.  Wear red, white and blue on Thursday!   

Also, the white folder with the red lettering in your child's book bag can be kept at home.  It was our first writing samples this year.  Later on, your child will bring home his/her Zoology folder with all kinds of animal writings to share with you!
 This week we will:
  • continue learning about short vowel sounds – the short vowel sounds of /a/ (apple) /e/ (egg) /i/ (inchworm) /o/ (octopus) and /u/ (umbrella)
  • continue learning about the sounds of /ch/ /sh/ and /th/
  • begin listening for and learning about the sounds of br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr
  • review all consonant sounds
  • recognize and read all of our Power Words at FLASH SPEED
  • match spoken word with print when we read
  • write sentences using phonetic spelling AND use Power Words in our writing
  • answer questions about stories that we read
  • count by 1s and 10s
  • learn to count on from a given number
  • identify a set of objects as having more, fewer or the same(equal) amount as another set
  • continue to be zoologist and learn all about mammals

Homework for the week:
  • read for 30 minutes EVERY night
  • log in at least 2 steps for the 30 minutes that you read EVERY night
  • if you read for more than 30 minutes – log in another book! (Remember every 15 minutes = 1 step!)
  • practice your new Power Words and your ‘old’ Power Words - Flash speed, flash speed, flash speed!  :)

Important dates to remember:
  • Nov. 9 – Wear red, white and blue to honor our Veterans! And  Book Fair closes at noon
  • Nov. 10 – Veterans Day – School closed
  • Nov. 14 – PTA meeting @ 6:45 and 2nd Grade Chorus performance @ 7:00
  • Nov. 22 – 24 – Thanksgiving Holiday ~ School closed 

Resource schedule for the week:
·       Monday – P.E.
·       Tuesday – STEM
·       Wednesday – Coding
·       Thursday – Art
·       Friday – No school
·       Monday, Nov. 13 – Library

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