Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 29 ~ Apr. 9 - Apr. 13, 2018

The final 9 weeks of Kindergarten is upon us.  It will pass quickly!!!  So…let’s spend this last 9 weeks of school really focusing on READING skills.  Please READ with your child every day, practice reading POWER Words every day, have your child READ to you every day!  READ library books (I can send him/her to get a new book each morning as long as your child lets me know he/she needs one!), READ together the 2 books that your child brings home each day, READ books that you have at home (even if it’s one he/she’s READ a thousand times!) – these are all great ways to get lots of READing practice in before the 9 weeks ends!  Thanks for all you do at home to help your child be successful at school! One last thing, check out our Lost and Found if you think something that belongs to your child may be there.  All items will be donated the week of April 16.

This week we will:
  • Continue learning all about bees as we prepare for our upcoming Expo
  • Learn about the beehive, rolls of the queen bee, worker and drone bees and the roll of a beekeeper
  • review reading some of our harder (“rule breaker”) Power Words
  • write about facts that we learn about the beehive, bees and beekeepers
  • explore addition

Homework for the week:
  • ask your child to sing a bit of a song they’ve learned about bees to you!  (To help them get started…. “Buzz goes the bee….” Or  “Bees are buzzing in the flowering trees…”)
  • read for 30 minutes every day and log in 2 books
  • practice ALL Power Words (don’t forget about the 1G words now that we’re practicing 2G!)

Important dates to remember:
·      April 18 – Report cards issued
·      April 20 – Pizza Bingo Night
·      April 30 – Kindergarten Expo @ 5:45

Resource Schedule for the week:
·      Monday – Music
·      Tuesday – P.E.
·      Wednesday – STEM
·      Thursday – Coding
·      Friday – Art
·      Monday, Apr. 16 - Library

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