Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 33 ~ May 7 - May 11, 2018

     Thanks to all that were able to come out Monday evening and watch/ listen to our Kindergartners showoff their bee expertise.  I am SUPER proud of each of the boys and girls in Room 103!  The G.R.E.A.T. really came out in them that night!  :)
     This time of year tends to get super busy with after school activities.  Hang in there with the reading and logging in 2 steps each night.  Don’t forget to remind your child to bring his /her bag of 2 books each day so he / she can continue to bring 2 new ones home each day.  We’re almost there…28 more days!
     And finally- Tuesday evening will bring our FABULOUS music teacher, Mrs. Willard’s final chorus performance, as she will be retiring from IWCS in June.  The first graders will perform a Patriotic program @ 7:00 Tuesday evening.  Please come out and join us for her finale! 

This week we will:
  • Continue our study of arachnids (spiders!!!) – what they are like, their behaviors and adaptations and life cycle
  • Begin learning about the metamorphosis of a butterfly
  • Learn about bug food webs
  • Learn about how bugs and plants need and use each other
  • Identify short vowel sounds when reading and spelling
  • Continue learning new 2G Power Words
  • use 1G and 2G PWs in our daily writing and spell them correctly
  • continue learning about subtraction – using different strategies to subtract
Homework for the week:
  • Ask your child if he/ she can name and tell you about the 4 different kinds of spider webs we talked about last week (orb, funnel, sheet and triangle webs!)
  • read for 30 minutes every day and log in 2 books  
  • practice ALL Power Words - 1G and 2G PWs 
Important dates to remember:
      May 8 – PTA / 1st Grade Chorus performance @ 7:00 (Mrs. Willard’s finale!!!)
·        May 25 – Wear your red, white and blue! (Flag Waving Friday)
·        May 28 – Memorial Day – no school

Resource Schedule for the week: 
·        Monday – Library
·        Tuesday – Music
·        Wednesday – P.E.
·        Thursday – STEM
·        Friday – Coding
·        Monday, May 14 – Art

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