Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 35 ~ May 21 - May 25, 2018

This week we will celebrate Muffins with Mom on Friday, May 25.  An invitation went home in the red folder last week.  Please return the bottom portion if you plan to attend so that the PTA can prepare for this event. 

3rd Graders will begin taking SOL tests this week.  For us, that means our resource schedule will be modified on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and next week.  And finally, our ABC countdown continues with the letters H – L this week. 

This week we will:
·      Read, read, read and read.
·      Write, write, write and write.
·      Review Power Words and Tricky Words
·      Look for blends and digraphs in our reading and writing
·      Identify characters, settings and events that happen in stories we read aloud
·      Continue our study of plants
·      Learn about our country – the flag, the President, voting, and Memorial Day
·      Use different strategies to add and subtract (counting on / back, counters, pictures, number line)

Homework for the Week:
·      Ask your child – (This is a fun one!) – What is a Wobbly Man, a Milkshake and Pop See Ko? :)
·      Read for 30 minutes every night and log in 2 books in your reading log
·      Practice Power Words

Upcoming dates:
·      ABC Countdown – ongoing – Letters H through L this week!
·      May 25 – Muffins with Mom @ 7:45 – 8:35  in the cafeteria and Flag-Waving Friday – where red, white and blue or any patriotic clothing
·      May 28 – Memorial Day Holiday – School closed

Resource schedule for the week:
·      Monday – Coding
·      Tuesday – Art
·      Wednesday – TBD due to SOL testing…
·      Thursday – TBD
·      Friday – TBD
·      Tuesday, May 30 - TBD

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